Better Nights, Better Days Program Sessions 

Session 1: Introduction 

Introduction to the program and information about how sleep works and how sleep problems develop  


Session 2: Healthy Sleep Practices  

Learn about healthy sleep practices and routines, and how doing things differently during the day and at night can help your child sleep better


Session 3: Settling to Sleep 

Focus on problems settling to sleep at naptime and at night-time


Session 4: Going Back to Sleep 

Focus on problems getting back to sleep after a night-waking, and what to do if your child wakes too early in the morning


Session 5: Looking Ahead 

Review your goals and progress you’ve made during the program, and develop a plan for the future


 Better Nights, Better Days Program Tools

Sleep Diary 

Fill out a daily online sleep diary to track your results and see patterns in your child’s sleep and behaviour as you complete the sessions. 


Weekly Activities and Reviews

Complete activities that will help you make positive changes to improve your child's sleep.  For instance, learn how to create sleep routines, a healthy sleep environment, and practice techniques to reduce stress.


Track Your Progress

Throughout the program, you'll receive feedback on the positive changes that you're making to your child's sleep.